Welcome to the "Hamilton / Monroe Virtual Learning Community (VLC)"


Two unlikely school districts, from opposite ends of Florida, have partnered in a mentorship that promises to virtually open classroom doors and create a sense of community among all high school teachers in Hamilton and Monroe Counties.

Superintendents Martha Butler, Hamilton, and Dr. Joseph Burke, Monroe, have announced a new "Virtual Learning Community" partnership grant opportunity through the competitive grant process in the “Charting a Course for the Digital Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Classroom (STEM)” initiative. This Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT) Grant is designed to address specific instructional, training, planning, and technology resource needs.

The Hamilton / Monroe VLC is a collaborative effort that supports this vision and targets all high school educators and students in Hamilton and Monroe Counties. Student Achievement will be positively impacted through these four specific goals, tied directly to the Florida State Technology Plan and EETT funding priorities:

  • Expand access to innovative digital technologies for Monroe and Hamilton County high school teachers and students
  • Empower high school teachers with the skills necessary to seamlessly integrate technology to improve student achievement and student success
  • Design and Develop Digital-Age Learning Experiences, Digital Content and Assessments
  • Collaborate, mentor and share instructional best practices that infuse ICT Digital Literacy - through a VLC